RBC found out how successful startups of ex-managers of Yandex and Mail.ru Group are

    According to Forbes in 2013, after leaving Facebook every tenth employee founded his own startup. RBC conducted a similar study for two Russian companies - Yandex and Mail.ru Group . They are the largest Internet companies in Russia, exist for more than 15 years and have a total of more than 9 thousand employees.

    Over the past three years, about 2 thousand people have left Yandex. Mail.ru does not disclose similar information.
    It was possible to learn that only 35 former managers of these companies created startups: 23 people from Yandex and 12 people from Mail.ru.

    Opening a startup is always a big risk and no guarantees. A large company cannot provide business skills, says Dmitry Chikhachev , co-founder and managing partner of Runa Capital Investment Fund .

    In 2011, Runa Capital invested a million dollars in a service to search for profitable offers in Sovetnik online stores . The creator of the service is Mikhail Ushakov, ex-Yandex Director of Public Relations.

    In Russia, many are afraid to lose, afraid that there will not be enough experience. “Unfortunately, we have a person who failed the project is considered a failure, and in Silicon Valley - just an experienced entrepreneur,” said Kirill Belov , managing partner at Impulse VC Venture Fund .

    One of the successful examples is the project of former Mail.ru employee Leonid Nikolaev Get-N-Post , launched in January 2014. He works in email marketing. The first investor in Get-N-Post since its launch was Impulse VC.

    Former technical director of the social network My World, Ivan Panchenko, founded the company Postgres Professional . She is engaged in the promotion and support of the free PostgreSQL database management system in the Russian market.

    Startups created by ex-managers cannot be compared by any common criteria. Firstly, many of them work in disjoint niches. Secondly, companies are very diverse in size and scale.

    For example, in the group of IT companies DZ SystemsDmitry Zavalishin, the former head of development of the Yandex portal, employs about 170 employees. According to SPARK, its revenue for 2014 almost reached 160 million rubles.

    Another example is Pavlova Dog , a company of Olga Pavlova, a former Yandex.Money product development director. She is a businessmen to optimize online service. Now the company is working on two dozen major projects. The average cost of one company contract is 300 thousand rubles.

    Some managers, leaving the company, in their new projects are doing what they did at the previous place of work. For example, former Yandex employees Lev Gershenzon and Galina Tikhonchuk, who worked in the search company, founded Detectum. She also specializes in searching, but exclusively on the bases of goods of online stores.

    RBC experts calculated that out of 35 startups of ex-employees of Yandex and Mail.ru, 17 make a profit, and 14 attracted investment.

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