Yandex Launches Internet Radio with Audio and Targeting

    Today at the conference Yet another Conference on Marketing , Yandex announced the launch of Yandex.Radio . This is a music streaming service that uses a new method of monetization - audio advertising. Thus, advertising on the service will exist in the form of an audio clip, in addition to the usual text ad and banner.

    For advertising targeting, such parameters as geography, socio-demographic characteristics (gender, age, income), frequency of contacts per unique user, category of users will be available. In addition, genre targeting is under development. Yandex.Radio already has its first advertisers - companies from the construction industry.

    According to the representative of Yandex, Asi Melkumova, for Yandex.Radio, relations with copyright holders will be based on a model of deductions from advertising revenue.

    "Yandeks.Radio" will successfully complement working on a subscription service "Yandex.Music" , pass "Vedomosti". Service users will be able to choose soundtracks for listening according to several criteria: “genre”, “mood”, “occupation”, “era”, and “like on the radio”., citing Yandex promotional materials , lists the benefits of audio advertising:

    • 100% visibility / audibility of advertisements,
    • Qualitative context for advertisements through personalization,
    • No advertising noise,
    • Innovative accurately measured cross-platform format,
    • Prolonged contact with an advertisement,
    • Nativeness.

    The publication, also referring to promotional materials, explains why Yandex.Radio was launched as a separate service:

    • Amid growing mobile Internet penetration, mobile advertising formats are needed;
    • The audience of classic FM stations flows to the Internet broadcast. 17.5% of radio listening in Moscow is on the Internet.

    The company blog reportsthat Yandex.Radio, like Yandex.Music, uses a recommender technology developed by Yandex specialists: It “takes into account your actions (listening to and skipping tracks and rating“ like ”and“ dislike ”) , compiles a picture of musical preferences and, checking with it, determines which music to broadcast on the station "

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