Yandex has finally revealed the details of the purchase of the advertising platform Adfox

    In the fall of 2014, Yandex , which controls the Russian search engine Yandex , acquired the Adfox advertising platform . So far, the details of the transaction have not been disclosed.

    And only yesterday, June 2, did the details of the transaction become known. Adfox cost the buyer $ 11.3 million. However, Yandex contributed only $ 8.5 million. The company will pay the remaining $ 2.8 million in equal installments of $ 1.4 million within two years after the transaction.

    For Yandex, a similar method of calculation is an established practice. So, for example, at the beginning of this year, the company Ros.Taksi was bought in the same way , Megamind wrote .

    Yandex pays the first half of the amount, 500 million rubles, in two stages. At the time of purchase, 120 million rubles were given. 380 million were designated as deferred payment. This part of the amount should be paid as the transfer of the customer base is completed and the purchased system is integrated with Yandex services. Further, under the terms of the transaction, the founders of Ros.Taxi may receive another 500 million rubles in shares three years after the transaction is closed.

    Representatives of Yandex pay attention that only the technological platform Adfox was purchased, and not the company itself. But some of its developers now work at Yandex, CNews reports .

    Adfox includes a full range of advertising services: planning, management, analysis of advertising campaigns; placement of banners, mobile advertising and videos. At the time of purchase, her partners were 12 of Russia's 20 largest media holdings. The number of applications processed per day reached one billion, and the number of customers - 750 thousand.

    Thanks to the acquisition of the platform, Yandex got the opportunity to work with media holdings and other representatives of the premium segment of online publishers. Now the company can offer services for large advertisers.

    Integration of Adfox into the Yandex Advertising Network was completed in April this year. According to the company, with the new advertising platform, some partners were able to increase their income by 50%.

    The previous acquisition of Yandex in the online advertising market was Avaps. It also concentrated the assets of MediaSailing advertising agency. The deal amounted to 85 million rubles.

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