“They discussed right now”, “Everyone was waiting for something” and “terrible bullshit”: literacy rating of the Russian media

    The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute and ABBYY conducted an order from the Ministry of Communications for the study of leading Russian media. Specialists analyzed 350 thousand offers of printed texts and 120 hours of television and radio programs, and rated publications, radio stations and television channels on a five-point scale, like schoolchildren.

    The A. Pushkin Institute is one of the leading universities in Russia that determine the level of Russian language proficiency. The Institute conducted a study together with ABBYY, a developer of solutions in the field of intellectual information processing and linguistics. They used ABBYY Compreno technology for understanding and analyzing natural language texts.

    When evaluating the dictation in the 10th grade, the schools use the criteria described in the first image: the five can be obtained for the lack of errors, the four for 1-2 errors.

    Print mass-media

    The Lent makes the least mistakes in the print media, followed by Izvestia and Interfax among the top three literacy leaders. More than 1% of errors per page of the text are made by Moskovsky Komsomolets, Ogonyok, Tass, Komsomolskaya Pravda. Arguments and facts make 1.99% of errors per page of text (in words) - this is the “troika”.



    The tape is less likely than all the leading Russian media that fell into the study to make spelling errors and alignment errors in the proposals.



    TV and radio

    Researchers analyzed 120 hours of radio and watched more than 200 television shows. Only 2 mistakes per hour are made on Radio of Russia, 3 - on TV channel Russia-1. Channel 5 and the Russian News Service reported four errors per hour, and Echo of Moscow - seven errors. The FB business makes 8 mistakes every hour.

    From ten or more mistakes Silver Rain, Lighthouse, TVC, Channel One, Kommersant FM and NTV make.

    Announcers incorrectly make sentences, use parasitic words, make excessive borrowings (off-road instead of an SUV) and make stylistic mistakes: "... they were discussing right now," "Everyone was waiting for something," "terrifying bullshit."
    Explain why, in your opinion, this situation, which is uncomfortable for women and an uncomfortable powerless man and man, actually, as a rule, feels uncomfortable when he hears such claims from a woman? An example of an error in a sentence structure


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