Alibaba Group announced the opening of a representative office in Russia

    Alibaba Group opens a representative office in Russia. Her online store AliExpress is the most popular online retailer in our country. Every month, it is visited by 15.6 million Russian customers. This is several times more than the number of Russians visiting eBay and Amazon .

    Director of Business Development AliExpress in Russia and the CIS Mark Zavadsky is now also the CEO of Alibaba in Russia. “The Alibaba Group founded a new company in Russia with the aim of further expanding our business and supporting partners, as well as to facilitate interaction with Russian government bodies,” he said.

    According to SimilarWeb, in the general audience of AliExpress, Russian buyers are in second place in terms of attendance. They provide 9.9% of the traffic.

    The number of active users of the Alibaba Group worldwide amounted to 350 million people, according to data from April 2014 to April 2015. Revenues for the same period amounted to $ 12.2 billion, net profit - $ 3.9 billion. But only 9% of revenue comes from international sales.

    “Outside of China, the Alibaba Group, in fact, has only two large-scale projects - AliExpress and For AliExpress, Russia has long been one of the key markets (along with the USA and Brazil), but Alibaba’s b2b platform’s popularity in Russia is still not very high, including due to the complexity of cross-border purchases and sales for small companies, ” said"Kommersant" co-founder of Data Insight Boris Ovchinnikov.

    In September 2014, the initial public offering (IPO) of Chinese Alibaba was held, which officially became the largest in history. The company managed to raise almost $ 25 billion. As of June 1, 2015, the group had a capitalization of $ 222.9 billion.

    The director general of Infoline Analytics, Mikhail Burmistrov, estimates the annual turnover of independent sellers who have collaborated with Alibaba in Russia at 110 billion rubles. He estimates the company's revenue at 5.5 billion rubles. In connection with the opening of a representative office, Alibaba's revenue growth in our country can reach 30%, he notes.

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