At the hearing of the Yandex case, the FAS brought Google a new official charge

    On June 1, the court examined the complaint of Yandex against Google . The accusation of unfair competition was supplemented by the accusation under Article 10 “Abuse of a dominant position” of the Law on Protection of Competition. The court suspects Google of dominating the market for pre-installed application stores for the Android mobile operating system .

    “Next, the case will be examined under article 14 and article 10 in relation to Google,” said Vladimir Kudryavtsev, head of the information technology department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS).

    “We contacted Google Tech in California via video conferencing and answered a number of technical questions. Basically, the answers contained signs of trade secrets, therefore they were voiced in the absence of Yandex, but later a version that did not contain trade secrets was brought to the representatives of this company, ”he said.

    Regular meeting on the case will be held in July, reports "Interfax". The exact date is not yet known. If a violation of article 14 is proved, Google will have to eliminate the violation, as well as pay a fine. It can make up 15% of the company's annual revenue illegally obtained on the Android systems market.

    Megamind wrotethat in February Yandex accused Google of violating fair competition and filed a complaint with the FAS. The trial was supposed to take place in April. However, Google managed to get the trial adjourned until May 25. This was because the company did not have time to prepare all the necessary documents.

    On May 25, consideration of the complaint was postponed until June 1 for technical reasons.

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