Yandex has found new ways to monetize mobile traffic

    The company "Yandex" has announced two new additions to work with advertisers. This applies to the monetization of mobile traffic. The company management hopes that in this way it will be possible to get more profit from advertising.

    From the end of May, all sites of the search engine and its partners will be available to place mobile banner advertising. For example, such ads have already appeared in the sections of the site “Poster” , “Weather” , “Schedules” . Prior to this, placing such an advertisement could only be on the main page of the search engine. Banners can be bought at a special auction. It will be held in real time. Advertisers will also benefit from gender and age targeting, search interests, and mobile device manufacturers.

    The second innovation is the ability to create special ads for mobile devices. Buyers of contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct will receive it . Previously, Yandex ads for mobile and desktop devices did not differ from each other.

    According to Yandex representatives, with the help of such announcements companies offering food delivery or repair services can not only tell about themselves, but also offer the customer a call - he can do this by clicking on the special icon in the ad.

    In addition, advertisers have the opportunity to assign separate bids per click for conversions from mobile devices and vary the coefficient of these bids from -50% to + 300% of their bid on the desktop for the same phrase. For example, if an advertiser’s bid for a click on an ad for a phrase is 20 rubles, then the minimum bid for mobile devices is 10 rubles and the maximum is 80 rubles, explained Alexander Shulgin, CEO of Yandex in Russia.

    “We see a great interest in mobile formats from advertisers. For example, in March this year, Direct launched a keyword rate for ad impressions on mobile devices. They started using this opportunity in 8% of advertising campaigns, as a result, the cost-per-click on such ads increased by a quarter, ”the Yandex press service said.

    In the first quarter of this year, mobile device users provided 20% of the company's revenue (2.4 billion rubles) with a total revenue of 12.3 billion rubles. In the first quarter of last year, this figure was 7% less. In 2014, annual revenue in the mobile segment (6.9 billion) almost doubled compared to 2013 (3.9 billion).

    93% of revenue in the I quarter of 2015 the company received from the sale of contextual advertising, and 5% from the sale of banner advertising, reports RBC.

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