In Moscow, the application appeared "Electronic Atlas" - a competitor to the navigation services of Yandex

    Moscow Mayor's Office announced the launch of the electronic atlas navigation mobile application . The application analyzes the information of 6.5 thousand motion sensors on the streets. The main competitor is the Yandex services. The main difference between services in the technology of data collection: Yandex uses a signal sent from the included smartphones of users.

    Electronic Atlas was developed by the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) and the Center for Traffic Management (DPC). The application can already be found in the Appstore and Playmarket . Today, users are offered a map of Moscow with traffic jams, a search for MFCs, polyclinics, hospitals, a doctor’s appointment function, and a few more options.

    The main advantages of the Atlas are the function of constructing a walking route, taking into account the courtyards and pedestrian crossings, as well as a 3D panorama of the area.

    According to the vice-mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov, the creation of an intelligent transport system with sensors cost 10 billion rubles. To support and maintain the system will require another billion rubles. The disadvantages of the application are the small font inconvenient for perception and not too friendly interface. The developers promise to fix errors and improve the Atlas in the near future.

    Now the most popular online congestion detection service in Russia is Yandex.Traffic . In order to use the service, the Yandex.Maps application must be launched on the driver’s smartphoneor Yandex.Navigator . Only then information about the location of the car will be taken into account when forming a traffic jam map.

    Kommersant’s correspondents compared the results of the Electronic Atlas and the Yandex.Traffic service.

    Comparison of the Third Transport Ring in the Begovaya metro area according to data at 15:00 Moscow time. On the left are the indicators of the Electronic Atlas application, on the right are Yandex.Traffic

    May 26, at 15:00 Moscow time, Kutuzovsky Prospekt toward the center was painted red by Yandex; it was yellow at the data center. The Yandex Garden ring in the Tsvetnoy Boulevard area was red, and the data center was yellow-green. Polyanka Street, in turn, at Yandex was red, and at TsODD - green. However, both applications showed correctly the difficulties on the MKAD in the Altufyevo and Lyubertsy areas.

    Comparison of the TTK in the metro area "Kurskaya" according to the data at 15:00 Moscow time. On the left are the indicators of the Electronic Atlas application, on the right are Yandex.Traffic

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