The success story of the Russian Lightpack gadget, which raised $ 500 thousand on Kickstarter in 36 days

    In May 2013, the Russian hardware project Lightpack, which produces backlighting for monitors and TVs, raised $ 500,000 on Kickstarter.

    Already left the project, co-founder Mikhail Sannikov aka atarity . He wrote extensive material on the preparation and conduct of the crowdfunding campaign, mistakes and good moments, the principles of working with the audience and competitors, as well as all the subtleties that should be considered for any project that goes on Kickstarter.

    Mikhail has long been asked in comments to posts about Lightpack to tell how they went on Kickstarter, and many will be interested to read a detailed article. Therefore, I will publish an announcement here, so that those who are interested do not miss this entertaining article.

    The full version of the success story.

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