Qiwi and Russian Post open a money transfer service

    Photo: Oleg Kharseev / Kommersant

    Russian Post and Qiwi payment system plan to create a joint money transfer service. Users of the new service will be able to send money through Qiwi terminals, receiving cash in the post office the very next business day.

    The system will work through Visa Qiwi Wallet. When sending a transfer, the user must enter his phone number, as well as the PIN code of the virtual wallet. Plus, you must specify the details of the recipient of funds. The maximum amount of funds that can be sent at a time will be 15 thousand rubles, Kommersant writes . The restriction is established by the Law on Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.

    The fee for the transfer of funds is small, and amounts to 2%, plus 60 rubles. The scheme for calculating the shares of partners in the division of the total revenue of the service was not disclosed.

    According to Vladimir Slakhutdinov, Deputy Director General of Russian Post for financial business, working with Qiwi is an excellent option, as the payment system has an extensive network of terminals. In addition, Russian Post does not have a corresponding license, but there are a large number of its own branches in various settlements of the Russian Federation.

    “We have 42 thousand branches, Qiwi has more than 100 thousand terminals, that is, together we cover the maximum possible number of points of transfer and payment of money transfers,” Vladimir Slakhutdinov comments on the situation.

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