Apple may start streaming service from Russia

    The company Apple is going to launch a music service strimingovy in several countries. The start of the project is scheduled for June. According to representatives of some record labels, the launch of the project may begin with Russia.

    Several Russian record companies have received a request to expand the rights to use their musical compositions. Apple plans to use the tracks in its new service, a spokesman for one of the labels explained.
    The opinion of Western companies on this subject is ambiguous. Some believe that this is about launching Apple iTunes Radio in Russia . But still, another source confirms the assumption of Russian labels.

    The company is going to reveal the details of the June 8 launch at the Apple ConferenceWWDC in San Francisco. It is still known that the project is based on the Beats Music service , which was acquired by Apple for $ 3 billion last year. In addition, strimingovy project includes a social network for musicians, transmit "Vedomosti".

    Apple is the world's largest player in the legal digital music market. However, so far the company has only been selling music content through the iTunes online store.. According to studies by the International Federation of the Recording Industry (IFPI), sales of music tracks and albums are falling. So, last year they decreased by 8%. And the revenue of streaming services increased by 39% compared to 2013. Moreover, in the first quarter of this year, revenue from downloading digital music for the first time turned out to be lower than revenue from streaming.

    The Russian streaming market is of interest not only to Apple. Last year, the launch of the Spotify service was planned in Russia . However, at the beginning of 2015, the company curtailed its activities.

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