Kaspersky Lab ranks first in Russia in the number of registered patents

    A list of Russian IT companies that have received more than 10 patents and applications in Russia and abroad has been published. There were only 8 such companies. The list was prepared by Forbes magazine and the “Online Patent” project .

    The list is headed by Kaspersky Lab . Of course, most of its patents are related to antivirus software. The company has 137 issued patents and 243 patent applications filed for the development of methods and systems for tracking malware. They are issued in the USA and the European Union.

    Parallels is in second place. The company has 96 issued patents. The same number of applications is on examination. As notesForbes, Parallels has a “start development - file patent” rule.

    Company ABBYY takes the third place with 54 of the patent. Another 98 applications are being checked. The most famous products of the company are focused on linguists and translators. It is noteworthy that from the entire list only she has a patent issued in Iceland.

    The company "Yandex" takes the fourth place with a score of 44 patents and 44 applications. Patents cover areas such as Internet search technologies, ways to display web pages, indexing advertisements, and managing contacts on your smartphone.

    The list also included such well-known Russian companies as Acronis (fifth place with 33 and 33), Paragon(sixth place from 14 and 14), Mail.ru Group (seventh place from 5 and 5) and Veeam (4 and 11). It is worth noting that Paragon has registered seven patents in China. It is possible that in the future more patents will be registered in this country, if other Russian companies pay attention to this possibility. It is known that in Mail.ru Group all employees are engaged in the generation of ideas for patents.

    In the United States of America, patenting is actively developing. However, this phenomenon also has a flip side - the so-called patent trolls. They provoke lengthy litigation, which cost participants in the proceedings several million dollars.

    Kaspersky Lab lawsuit with US patent troll Lodsyslasted more than a year. Lodsys filed a $ 25 million lawsuit, accusing Lab of stealing its patent. In September 2013, a Russian company defended the rights to its development.

    In the Russian Federation, patenting is not so developed yet. Everything has its pros and cons.

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