Ministry of Communications plans to create a Russian mobile OS based on Sailfish OS

    On May 14, at a meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Communications and the Finnish company Jolla , Russia's plans to create its own mobile operating system were announced. Jolla was founded by former Nokia employees . And recently, a well-known Russian businessman Grigory Berezkin became its shareholder.

    The base for the Russian OS will be the Sailfish operating system . It was created by the Jolla developers, and some of its components are distributed open source. The head of the Ministry of Communications, Nikolai Nikiforov, plans to involve the BRICS countries in work on the project : “The Finnish-Russian-Chinese company is creating a new mobile OS Sailfish. We are waiting for the accession of India, Brazil and South Africa, ”he said.

    This decision is part ofa plan for import substitution software in Russia. It was approved in April this year.

    Developing an operating system on your own will take a very long time. Therefore, the joint refinement of an existing project is the optimal solution to the problem. Representatives of Jolla argue that they also benefit from this collaboration - their OS will be widely distributed. So far, the share of Sailfish in the smartphone market is 0.5%. This operating system is compatible with smartphones of any manufacturers. The only condition is the presence of all the necessary drivers for the device to work.

    In 2013, a 6.25% stake in Jolla was acquired by the Chinese holding China Fortunefor a million euros. After the transaction, the company was valued at 16 million euros. Last year, Jolla first raised $ 1.8 million through crowdfunding at Indiegogo, and then received another 10 million euros in the next round of financing.

    In addition to Finnish and Chinese shareholders, Russian owners own shares in the company. Among them, the head of the ESN group, Grigory Berezkin . His fortune is estimated at $ 0.6 billion. He takes 140th place among the richest businessmen in Russia. Berezkin fully owns Rusenergoresurs and Rusenergosbyt M, as well as 51% of Rusenergosbyt and 75% of Rusenergotelecom.

    ESN representative toldRBC that over the past two years the group has made "several investments in a number of venture projects." So, last year the group invested $ 5 million together with venture capital funds Almaz Capital and InVenture Partners in the Russian developer of 2Can mobile payment systems .

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