Alibaba's largest Chinese rival retailer plans to occupy 20% of the Russian market

    Chinese online retailer has begun working with the Russian SPSR delivery service . Before did not work in the Russian market. According to Victor Qiu, head of international business, can invest in the development of Russian logistics networks from “several tens to hundreds of millions of dollars”.

    If required, rents storage facilities. For these purposes, it usually takes about 10 thousand square meters, says Qiu. SPSR, in turn, is going to invest 300 million rubles in improving the infrastructure for SPSR will be responsible for the operational work, delivery and integration of the two systems of companies. will provide marketing and product groups, says Vladimir Solodkin, CEO of SPSR Express.

    The retailer plans to occupy 20% of the market e-commerce Russia in the next five years, pass "Vedomosti". Qiu estimates that in monetary terms this share will be about $ 10 billion. He believes that in Russia the competition in this area is not as strong as, for example, in China. Qiu plans to deliver up to 100 thousand parcels per day with an average check of $ 40 to $ 200. The main categories of products of the online store are electronics and household appliances.

    The main task of SPSR in this situation is to mobilize resources to ensure an increasing volume of traffic. It is expected that in 2015 the company's revenue will increase by 17%, not counting the income from cooperation with Last year, SPSR revenue amounted to 5.2 billion rubles. Business Model Reminds Amazon. According to Qiu, is the largest Internet retailer by turnover with a 49% share in the Chinese market. At the IPO in May 2014, the company received an investment of $ 1.78 billion.

    For the first quarter of this year, turnover reached $ 14.2 billion, net revenue increased by 62% - up to $ 5.9 billion compared to 2014. The company's net loss was $ 114.6 million.'s main competitor is Alibaba's online retailer . According to Kommersant, in September 2014, he negotiated with the Russian delivery service Pony Express . It has existed for over 23 years. Its share in the CIS market is 10%. Alibaba planned to invest $ 600 million in the carrier.

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