Prosecutor General's Office blocks Russian online stores selling food from the sanctions list

    The Prosecutor General’s Office has blocked several Internet sites selling illicit food. The company “Top of Taste” from Yekaterinburg instituted an administrative case. As you know, in Russia there is a ban on the import of a number of products from the EU and some other countries.

    The companies La Mare LLC , Gourmanin LLC , and Berkut LLC received warnings. They stopped trading in illicit foods on time, but did not remove it from the menu. In relation to the companies LLC Hermes Fish , LLC Trading House Green Continent , LLC Gourman Club, the investigation has not yet been completed.

    The inspection was initiated by a member of the Public Chamber Pavel Sychev. With his initiative, he directly appealed to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

    Chairman of the Pirate Party of Russia Pavel Rassudov in an interview with Izvestia correspondent expressed his opinion on this issue:

    “The Prosecutor General has the authority to block almost any site. But blocking online grocery stores is something new. This is absurd. Then for Russians it is necessary to block foreign sites where they can order a small parcel with a cheese head for themselves. ”

    Previously blocked sites with illegal content or with materials promoting extremism, drug addiction, pedophilia and other destructive phenomena.

    On August 6, 2014, the President of the Russian Federation signeda decree banning the import of certain goods in response to sanctions against Russia. The list of banned foods included beef, pork, fruits, poultry, cheeses and dairy products, nuts and some other products.

    However, in March 2015, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture announced plans to ease the bans. So, in the near future, import of products from Greece, Hungary and Cyprus may be opened, RBC reports .

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