The daily audience of Vkontakte exceeds that of Channel One

    Research company TNS estimates that VKontakte’s daily audience is 13.3 million people, while in March 2015, Channel One’s daily audience was 10.9 million, the BBC writes .


    The largest social network in Russia, VKontakte, surpassed Channel One, TNT, STS and Russia 1 in its daily audience. The weekly audience of VKontakte is 20.1 million people, this indicator coincided with the social network and the main federal television channel.

    The social network Odnoklassniki was on the 14th place in the ranking with a daily audience of 5.7 million people per day and 10.4 million per week.

    In Russia, the daily Facebook audience in March amounted to 1.5 million users, on Instagram - 875 thousand people.

    The TNS study covered cities of Russia with a population of 100 thousand people, and an audience of 12 to 44 years was taken into account.

    The Internet in the first quarter of 2015 was the only growing segment of the advertising market in Russia . Advertising on television decreased by 22% to 30.6 billion rubles, and on the Internet grew by 9% to 18.1 billion. The growth in the network was due to the cost of contextual advertising.

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