Online Copyright Protection Changes

    On May 1, 2015, amendments introduced by the Federal Law “On Information ...” affecting the essential aspects of protecting the content of Internet regulation in Russia entered into force . Recall the most important of them.

    1. The owner of any site is obligated to post on such a site information about his:
    a) name,
    b) location and address,
    c) email address.

    Those. all site owners must be legalized and in fact in this part the requirements are no different from those established for the media.

    Moreover, for individuals who own the site, this means transferring their personal data to the category of publicly available information, which in fact removes them from the protection of the Federal Law “On Personal Data”.

    2. The blocking of the site is allowed not only for posting a counterfeit film, but also for any other objects of copyright and related rights, except for photographs (Article 15.2 of the Federal Law “On Information ...”).

    As a result, you can now block the site for posting someone else’s text, program or database, copying design and drawings.

    3. The procedure for claim settlement of the dispute between the copyright holder and the owner of the site is described in detail (Article 15.7 of the Federal Law "On Information ...").

    The site owner must respond within 24 hours to the received statement from the copyright holder about the violation of his rights. Otherwise, when considering a dispute in court, he is convicted of a violation.

    4. A procedure has been established for “eternal” blocking of sites by court decision for repeated violations of copyright or related rights (Article 15.6 of the Federal Law “On Information ...”).

    Removing the lock from the site, access to which is restricted by the court for repeated violations, is not allowed.

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