Success stories of Russian web studios, or why we started this blog


    Most recently, we launched a Russian-language blog and chose Megamind, the younger brother of Habr, as a platform. We looked around a bit, even wrote the first article , and then decided that after all, coming to visit, it is customary to say hello. In this post, we would like to get to know you, tell us a little about ourselves and why we started this blog.

    History paragraph

    Once upon a time, almost 10 years ago, a small company was born in Ulyanovsk. It was difficult to name her and the company then - a friendly development team. But they caught the approaching trend - the development of electronic commerce, and one of the first in Russia began to develop online stores. Legends circulated about e-commerce in the homeland, and only daredevils decided to use the store on the Internet. But in the West, this service has become popular. Over 10 years of continuous e-commerce development, team competencies have grown, and indeed it has increased more than 10 times. Today, Simtech Development employs more than 40 developers. We launch highly loaded systems, trading floors, online stores and online hypermarkets. And our customers are companies from the USA, Australia, Switzerland, Germany and another 146 countries of the world.

    Now essentially

    Until 2014, our attention was directed to the West, where business was successfully developing. And we did not pay attention to what was happening under our noses. And in Russia at that time large shopping Internet centers with Russian investments began to appear, and small and medium-sized online stores grew like mushrooms. In addition, Russian web studios began to create cool, powerful projects in e-commerce. Their level has grown significantly. Moreover, the development was not progressive movements, like most companies in the West, but an avalanche in 3 - 5 years.

    We became extremely interested in what caused such rapid growth, how companies cope with this, how they build business processes, how they live - in general, the entire Russian business kitchen of web development. Then we thought that perhaps we were not the only ones who would be interested, and decided to create our blog - a collection of success stories of web studios and Internet agencies in Russia.

    In our blog, every month we will meet with company leaders - rating leaders. We will take a virtual tour of their offices and talk about the unique history of their success: how to get the first major client, how much it costs to participate in ratings, how to win tenders and earn the love of famous brands. Live interviews without cuts or censorship. We are sure that this experience will be useful to all those who are in the topic, that is, they are engaged in web development and are developing their own Internet business in Russia.

    The first interview will be released very soon, so be sure to subscribe to our blog if you do not want to miss it. And if you leave your questions in the comments, then we will certainly ask them to the next person.

    PS It might seem that we did not work in Russia at all. This is not true. At the end of 2014, we entered the Russian market and already managed to appear in the ratings ( 16th place in the Runet Rating among web studios in Russia and the CIS, 1st place among e-commerce developers ). We also launched several large Russian projects. And we will move on. But we will talk about our projects and experience later.

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