The Yandex.Kit mobile OS surrendered without a fight: the project was closed

    Work on the Yandex.Kit mobile OS has been discontinued . Yandex explains this with Google dominating the mobile services market. The project was worked by programmers at SPB Software , acquired by Yandex in 2011. The company planned to develop a new operating system for smartphones and tablets based on open source Android .

    In 2014, the operating system was released on some models of Explay , Huawei , Smarto , DEXP devices.. Trial sales of devices based on Yandex.Kit have shown that the platform cannot compete with Google. However, according to Media Markt, in November 2014, Smarto tablets with Yandex.Kit on board came out on top in sales in the tablet category.

    Experts believe that the reason for stopping the project is not only an unequal struggle with Google, but also the initial lack of interest from vendors and buyers in the new OS, RBC reports .

    In April of this year, the Yandex.Kit development team left an entry on the project’s Facebook page with the words: “Goodbye Yandex,” Rusbase reports . Some developers left the company, and some switched to other projects.

    The Yandex company hoped that the new OS would complete the process of replacing pre-installed Google services with similar Yandex services in the Russian market. The intensive distribution of Android OS in Russia does not allow to complete this process. According to J'son & Partners Consulting, in 2010 Android's share in the Russian smartphone market was 11%, in 2011 - 29%, in 2012 - already 58%. And in 2014 it became known that Android OS was installed on 86% of smartphones in Russia.

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