Integration with the Adfox platform allowed Yandex to enter the premium segment of the online advertising market

    After the closed testing phase, the Adfox platform is integrated into the Yandex advertising network . It serves to manage online advertising. The first results of the new mode showed that the revenues of some Adfox partners grew by 50%.

    Adfox works with numerous publishers, sellers, digital agencies, and direct advertisers. The total number of platform partners is 750.

    “For site owners selling traffic using ADFOX SSP, this gives new opportunities for managing external monetization: Yandex.Direct ads and Yandex display ads are added to DSP banners in a single RTB auction” , - representatives of Adfox report.

    Traffic that cannot be sold will be returned automatically, they say. “Thus, the overall profitability should significantly increase, and the number of unsold impressions that were in the visibility area of ​​visitors is reduced to zero,” company representatives explained.

    Adfox platform was purchased“Yandex” in September last year. The exact amount of the transaction is unknown. Sources of Kommersant estimate it at several million dollars. The deal allowed Yandex to enter the premium segment of publishers: Kommersant Publishing House, Axel Springer Russia,,, and others. Previously, they sold ads on their web resources themselves.

    Adfox, in turn, is gaining a technological advantage over its competitors, says BDBD Development Director Artem Pleshakov.

    “But there is a nuance: the cost of impressions sold using RTB technology is quite low. Therefore, for many premium sites the effect of this innovation will be minimal, as they do not want or are afraid to use RTB technology, ”explainedTo Kommersant, Mikhail Getmanov, head of the IAB Russia mobile advertising market development committee.

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