How to make the site even more convenient for the client

    Today, a modern site should be able to do everything. And tell about the company, and entertain the visitor, and provide a feedback form. But is your site able to receive calls?

    If not, then this article is for you. We will tell you how to quickly and easily make your Internet resource even better.
    Imagine that on your site, instead of a long phone number, there is only one button. Which completely replaces several actions of the client: no need to look for a phone, record or remember a number.

    Surprisingly, it often takes a lot of time to look for a room, even when it is in the most visible place. Even more time is spent searching for your favorite iPhone and dialing a number. By the way, not every client is ready to immediately call you from your phone. Not wanting to spend money, he may try to find more information on your site himself. Or on the website of competitors.

    And the call from the site will go directly through the browser to your company. And if you configure it, then to the right department.

    For the client, such a call, of course, is free. Only headphones and a microphone are needed. Just turned on sound is also suitable.
    So you increase the level of service - you can call your company simply and quickly. And the button will fit perfectly into your design, because it can look like anything - in accordance with your wishes and corporate identity.

    Suppose it’s not at all difficult for your client to dial a phone number. Excellent. But if he is abroad? And if it is a foreign customer? Through the site you can call for free from anywhere in the world and say as much as you want.

    Video call from the site

    You can set a video call to your site. The friendly face and smile of your manager will surely make a good impression on the client, and he will choose you.

    If desired, the client can turn off the video broadcast for his part, but see his interlocutor. After all, visual contact is important for many areas of business. Using a video call, you can conduct a test training or a training course for a visitor to the site, show your equipment and team. And the client can consult and visually identify the problem.

    The video call from the site can be configured to a special department of the company (of course, the most friendly), who will be responsible for video communication.

    In addition, a call from the site will strengthen your image, it will significantly reduce your costs. Many customers will prefer calling from the site number 8-800. And calls from other regions and countries will cost you much less.

    Convenient, isn't it?

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