The fall of the ruble may contribute to the growth of the Internet hosting market in Russia

    The weakening of the ruble against the dollar has a positive effect on the state of the domestic hosting market. Earlier, before the fall of the ruble, prices for European hosting were lower than in Russia, they write"Vedomosti". The difference between the standard services of hosting companies in the Russian Federation and abroad was 35-50%. As a result, as of September last year, only 60% of domestic resources were working with domestic hosting sites. Now, after the ruble weakened, about 20% of Russian resources previously placed abroad went to Russian hosting. In some cases, foreign hosting costs about one and a half times more than domestic. According to experts, the overflow of customers from foreign to domestic hosting this year may lead to an increase in the turnover of the Russian hosting market by 10%.

    Until September last year, the revenue of the company "Selectel" (referring to revenue from the provision of hosting services) increased by about 4% per month. Now, growth rates have doubled, amounting to about 8% per month. According to the general director of Radius Group, mainly small business moves to Russia.

    According to the RAEC, the volume of the Russian hosting market in 2014 amounted to 5 billion rubles. Compared to 2013, the market grew by about 8%.

    An interesting trend is the massive increase in demand for domestic hosting services at a time when one dollar was worth 65 rubles. After the domestic currency began to stabilize, the excitement slightly decreased. According to the founder of LIveinternet German Klimenko, if the dollar exchange rate rises to 65 rubles again, this will lead to an increase in the annual hosting market by 15-20%.

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