In Russia, sales of “operator” and budget models of smartphones are growing

    In Russia, sales of smartphones under the brands of telecom operators are growing. According to a study by J'son & Partners Consulting, in 2012 they occupied only 1.2% of the Russian market, and in 2013 they already occupied 6.3%. According to Svyaznoy , in 2014 prices for carrier smartphones were in the segment of up to 3 thousand rubles. However, the sales scheme of such smartphones in Russia is different from the western one.

    In the US, mobile operators sell their devices at a low price, and the main revenue comes from long-term contracts with subscribers. “Our operators slightly subsidize purchases, but offer smartphones in the budget segments,” explainsRBC representative of the "Connected" Maria Zaikina. In addition, customers are often offered an online package. Thanks to this scheme, ordinary phones are being replaced by smartphones. MTS

    representative Dmitry Solodovnikov identifies two sales schemes for carrier smartphones. In accordance with the first scheme, the smartphone is sold with a SIM-card installed by a particular operator and with all the settings for a specific cellular network. “But if a person wants to insert such a SIM card, he can ask, and the phone will be unlocked right there in the cabin. We do not have the right to impose our services on our clients, ”Solodovnikov draws attention. In accordance with the second scheme, the device is sold at a significant discount. However, to obtain a discount, you must purchase a package of operator services for several months.

    The first place in sales of carrier smartphones in Russia was taken by MTS. Its market share reached 20%.

    In 2013, MegaFon operator released its own MegaFon Login smartphone. In 2014, the share of the company's own smartphones in relation to sales of the entire range of smartphones was 26%. In the salons of "Megaphone" the most popular budget models of smartphones in the range of up to 5 thousand rubles.

    Moreover, this year, for the first time, sales of budget models of smartphones exceeded sales of A-brands in Russia. B-brands accounted for 53% of total sales. A-brands (Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony) give way to such brands as Huawei, Lenovo, Fly, Alcatel.

    “B-brands reach such a level of development when they can fully compete with leading world manufacturers, which confirmed the growth of their share, ” Svyaznoy president Michael Touch told Kommersant.

    Euroset believes that dividing brands into classes A and B is no longer relevant. Instead, it is suggested that brands be divided into old and new. “If we consider the market in terms of vendors, then in the category of new brands Fly occupies a leading position - 22% in real terms and 19% in money terms. Alcatel is in second place with 19% and 17% respectively, ”said Ulyana Smolskaya, Euroset representative.

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