Foreign Internet services will only need to store data received in Russia after September 1, 2015

    Amendments to the Law “On Personal Data” will not have retroactive effect: databases that were modified before September 1, 2015 can be stored in their former places. But after any of their changes, which do not include reading data, they must be transferred to physical servers located in Russia.

    The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said on Monday that the eBay and AliExpress trading floors will store personal data of citizens in Russia received from September 1, 2015, Vedomosti writes . According to the official, Google has similar intentions. Vladimir Dolgov, General Director of the eBay Russian office, said that the company will post personal data of Russian citizens on its own servers in the country.

    The representative of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonsky confirmed that amendments to the laws will not have retroactive effect.

    Valentin Krokhin, a representative of Jet Infosystems, warned in 2014 that storing data in Russia would cost 30% more than in foreign data centers due to more stringent requirements for their protection.

    The government is currently working on the technical components necessary to comply with the law: for example, it is not yet known how the dates of the latest changes in the records will be checked.

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