Russian software exporters benefit from ruble depreciation

    The export of Russian software in 2014 increased by 10% and amounted to $ 5.7 billion. Software exporting companies benefited from a stronger dollar: their expenses remained in rubles, and income was pegged to the dollar, Vedomosti writes . During 2014, the dollar against the ruble strengthened by 73% - it rose from 32.6 to 56.6 rubles.

    The global software market is developing in accordance with five trends: mobility, “clouds”, social networks, big data and quick adaptation of solutions. In 2013, its volume according to Gartner amounted to $ 407 billion, 4.8% higher than 2013.

    The volume of software exports from Russia in 2012 increased by 15%, in 2013 - by 13%. In 2014, growth slowed down and amounted to 10% to $ 5.7 billion, but RUSSOFT predicts its increase by 18-20% in 2015 to $ 6.7-7 billion. The

    competitiveness of Russian software manufacturers increased due to a change in the dollar / ruble exchange rate. With ruble expenses on salaries of employees, companies earn income in dollars, which increases the efficiency of enterprises. The change in exchange rate did not affect producers from Belarus and Ukraine, since the salaries of developers in these countries are tied to the US currency.

    Valentin Makarov, President of NP RUSSOFT, noted one of the problems of the Russian IT industry: in 2014, 3% to 5% of specialists left the country. Western companies directly hire Russian programmers and withdraw their development centers from the country.

    Natalia Danina, Head of Salary, Compensation and Benefits Research at HeadHunter, says that the IT industry remains almost the only one where salaries grow. Companies raise salaries to retain employees.

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