American hotel booking service HotelTonight enters the Russian market after Booking Now

    HotelTonight Hotel Reservation Service has begun work in Russia. The American company added Russian hotels to the database and launched the Russian-language version of the service. For Russians, the service is available from April 15.

    The HotelTonight app was developed in 2010 by Jared Simon, Christopher Bailey and Sam Shank. In 2015, Battery Ventures and Accel Partners became co-owners of the company. They invested $ 80.7 million in the project. The
    service operates in 500 cities of 29 countries. The application database covers more than 15,000 hotels. The Russians used the service even before the launch of the Russian-language version and downloaded the application about 70,000 times.

    The total number of downloads of the HotelTonight app worldwide is over 12 million downloads.

    HotelTonight's regional director for Russia, Alexei Lankin, told RBC that he had already managed to conclude partnership agreements with approximately 80 hotels in St. Petersburg and Moscow. These include Metropol and Lotte Hotel Moscow.
    HotelTonight service allows you to book a room with a discount on the day of arrival or not earlier than a week before check-in. This is convenient for those who decide to travel and choose a place to sleep spontaneously.

    The service takes into account the individual preferences of users. Therefore, the selection of hotels is determined not only by the minimum geographical distance from the traveler. The application provides usability on mobile devices. Payment can be made in just two clicks.

    The average check order worldwide is $ 100. HotelTonight receives a 15% commission on every booking. With the daily placement of 200 orders in Russia, the service can earn about $ 1.25 million per month.
    According to BusinesStat, last year the hotel services market amounted to 174.7 billion rubles.

    HotelTonight's strong competitor is the Booking Now mobile application , launched in Russia this March by Its hotel base is significantly larger than HotelTonight.

    The main difference between these services is the principle of selecting hotels. HotelTonight managers manually check hotels that are automatically selected. For bad reviews, they remove the hotel from the base.

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