Yandex and Ubuntu Touch as a possible technological response to Google mobile services

I listened to the program Point on Echo of Moscow with the theme: “Yandex against Google”, where Yandex representatives participated. One can feel that Yandex has clearly overslept the moment, and a clear strategy for overcoming the crisis has not yet been seen. If everything goes further by inertia, then in a couple of years Yandex will cede the mobile services market to Google and Mail.

At the moment, the tactics of using only proven solutions are not effective, it is necessary to do truly revolutionary things, and these are big risks. In its current organizational configuration, Yandex is not capable of taking such risks. At the same time, the mobile OS market has stagnated, so Yandex still has a chance to break through the defense. Yandex will obviously not be able to saw OS itself.

However, you can take advantage of alternative offers in the market. Such ideas have long been in the air.

Here is one of the scenarios for overcoming the crisis.


After the trio of mobile OS (Apple, Android, Windows Phone) finally strengthened in the market, prerequisites for the emergence of alternative mobile platforms appeared. And after some time, these platforms appeared.

This is a project of former employees of Nokia Sailfish OS , Tizen from Samsung , Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch . The most attractive platform is Ubuntu Touch, because of its openness, and the fact that it is full-fledged Linux.

The system is still raw and needs to be finished. However, this fact did not prevent Meizu from releasing a smartphone based on Ubuntu Touch.
For the platform to be successful, it will be necessary to implement support for android applications, and add the ability to work as a desktop PC . In addition, to make the smartphone different from its counterparts, it must have its own “highlight”. For example, the possibility of upgrading a smartphone by replacing the back cover, in which additional functionality will be built.


Regarding marketing, Yandex urgently needs a brilliant marketer who organizes effective advertising and negotiates with retailers. A good result will be if Yandex-based Ubuntu Touch receives 5-10% of the Russian market in a year.

As practice shows, our people strongly believe in television. Therefore, it is advisable to brainwash television advertising about the advantages of Yandex, and they certainly will.

So the advantages of Yandex.

For users:

1. Domestic manufacturer however :)
2. The ability to use YandexFon as a desktop mini-PC , you only need to connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse.
3. Support for Android applications, you can not break away from your favorite programs.
4. Since the phone will be sold at cost, users will receive more productive hardware for less money. The recommended cost of Yandex is 6-10 thousand rubles. It should be a quality smartphone.
4. The ability to upgrade the smartphone by replacing the back cover, which will have additional functionality built in, for example, an additional battery, a better camera, an additional screen, etc.

For organizations and government agencies:

1. Import substitution, however
2. Open source software with all the consequences, no need to pay for licenses, you can freely edit the code, independence from the software vendor, it is easy to check for undocumented features.
3. The ability to create a server, desktop, mobile segment of the enterprise’s IT infrastructure based on one Ubuntu Linux OS with Yandex inside.

In conclusion, I would like to note that if Yandex does not change the project management structure in the direction of creating startup groups with minimal bureaucracy, as Mail.Ru once did. If Yandex doesn’t have an aspiration to overcome competitors due to technologies, but not petitions in FAS. That Yandex will quickly turn into old spill. Most likely it will, but I am by nature an optimist, and besides, I need someone to finish my favorite Ubuntu Touch.

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