Linkedin buys And who in Russia decides to lead online education?

    News of the day: The social network Linkedin buys the educational portal for $ 1.5 billion. Another project that we have less noticed: the joint efforts of Alibaba and Peking University to create the Chinese MEP platform . How about us? Who is the first in RuNet to make a serious bid to lead online education?

    The trend that was previously just outlined - the merger of large portals and social networks (as well as HR services) with online training, now, perhaps, will capture Russia. Indeed, according to many, there is no convenient social network combining the MEP platform - mass online courses, student communication and integration with the professional community of tutors and tutors. And in the world as a whole, "facebook for education" has not yet been created (perhaps the tandem of Linkedin + Lynda will solve this problem).

    If the trend “social network + HR + MEP” is gaining momentum in the world, then, undoubtedly, Russia should also wait for a copy of this model (similar to how, after Coursera's success, new homegrown MEP services appeared like mushrooms after rain). From whom do we expect applications for leadership in online education?

    First of all, I want to note that I know of two relatively successful attempts to combine HR service and MEP. Firstly, it is the proprietary LMS Mirapolis , which first made one of the best virtual room webinar services and a convenient learning management system (LMS), and then managed to grow to an excellent corporate human resources management system (HCM - Human Capital Management). Mirapolis has one minus (in the sense of the race for primacy in the "HR + MEP" race) - closeness. This is not a social network, but (exclusively) a paid service designed for the corporate sector.

    Secondly, of course, the Education project should be notedfrom the leading HeadHunter job search service. Despite the fact that this project, which began a couple of years ago, turned out to be unprofitable and was closed, it reopened some time ago, and, at first glance, in the same form as it started (although under the control of another operator). Unlike Mirapolis, this is an open project, in fact, a showcase of courses (but so far not a platform where these courses can be taken, and not LMS). But we can expect a simplified integration with HeadHunter services, and with, if there is, of course, a solution.

    Here we come to the hit parade of giant services, which, in my opinion, should lead the online education. The list is expected:, Yandex, possibly another 1C and Poster-Rambler. Moreover, the first three have good experience building their own educational offline network (sometimes successfully tied to universities, and sometimes the prototype of their own university): these are Technopark and Technosphere, Yandex Data Analysis School, Lecture Hall and 1C Network Programmers School.

    So, the main player is a large Internet service (portal, HR, software manufacturer). And on the other hand - an analogue of Linda (content holder and / or organizer of the MEP)? There are a great many players on this field (from small to medium), it is hardly worth listing all of them. I would mention INTUIT - the oldest and most respected Internet University, the pioneer of online education in Russia and, possibly, the most well-developed service for learning English LinguaLeo.

    I would also put Habr as a separate line, which has already done a small miracle, becoming a resource for technical publications No. 1 and for which I see no obstacles to entering the online education market (technical).

    Perhaps I forgot someone, but this is not on purpose, but from a lack of knowledge.

    We wait?

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