eBay will store data of Russian users in the Russian Federation

    EBay has agreed to store personal data of Russian users on servers that are physically located in Russia. On April 3, Vladimir Dolgov, the head of the eBay Russian division, met with the deputy head of Roskomnadzor Antonina Priezheva, Kommersant writes . At the meeting, Vladimir Dolgov said that eBay is already working to transfer the data of Russians from Switzerland to Russia. In this case, the data transfer process will be completed before September 1.

    The meeting with the head of the Russian eBay division was also confirmed by Vadim Ampelonsky, a representative of Roskomnadzor. “The main goal of eBay was to get answers to a number of questions regarding the law on personal data. Following the meeting, eBay confirms its readiness to collect and store the required information in full accordance with the law, ”Ampelonsky commented on the situation.

    Data such as the amount of data to transfer and the ability to create your own server capacities to serve the Russian eBay segment have not yet been announced. “We analyze the requirements that apply to us and communicate with our regulators to find the best solution,” said Galina Skatkina, PayPal (now PayPal is managed by eBay).

    Recall that the law, which requires telecommunications companies to store personal data of Russian citizens in Russia, comes into force on September 1 of this year.

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