The Ministry of Communications does not consider illegal the participation of Russian IT companies with foreign founders in import substitution

    According to the Izvestia newspaper, the Ministry of Communications does not believe that participating in government procurements of software developers with foreign founders is unlawful. The opposite was suggested by State Duma deputy Ilya Kostunov. It all started with the fact that he found traces of foreign companies in contracts for the development of two products for Russian Post.

    The contract for the development of e-mail for communication between Russians and state authorities was concluded with Epam Systems LLC, which belongs to Cypriot and American owners, and Luxoft Professional LLC, which belongs to Cypriot and British companies, left the contract for developing registered mail service. The amount of contracts is 18.3 million rubles and 18.8 million rubles, respectively.

    Kostunov was distrustful of this. “Accountability to foreign founders outweighs the positive experience of previous cooperation. I’m sure that in Russia there are dozens of companies of purely Russian origin that would do the job for this amount, ”he said.

    Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolay Nikiforov replied that Epam and Luxoft had a positive reputation in the Russian market, and from the point of view of the law, there can be no complaints about them either. Moreover, companies are registered in Russia as legal entities and are included in the list of organizations accredited by the ministry.

    Representatives of the Russian Post assured that the developments have passed all the necessary checks and there is no reason to fear that a data leak will occur.

    Recall that a month ago the Ministry of Communicationsproposed a project to ban public procurement of foreign software without special need. If such a need arises, then, according to the project, it should be clearly justified.

    In addition, on March 24, Vedomosti reported that in 2015 it is planned to allocate grants from the anti-crisis fund to domestic IT companies working in the field of import substitution. The budget for grants for 2015 will amount to 3 billion rubles.

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