TOP 8 recommendations for increasing website conversion

We identified 8 factors that allow some sites to earn money, while others lose money. Advanced webmasters use these features on the machine, but are never recognized. Yes, money loves silence. But today we will tell all the secrets of the marketing guru and dispel the myths to increase conversion. If you want to increase profit - remember these simple rules:

1. Targeting and type of traffic is not important

Do you have an industrial company website or a store? It does not matter! Drive as much traffic as possible without targeting. Someone will probably be the target. There is no need to single out the target audience and study its needs. These are all myths and a waste of time. The rule is simple: the more visitors, the higher the conversion.
Be sure to buy porn traffic. It is watched by all targeting groups, including very wealthy people.
In addition, do not disdain the popunder. They are back in fashion, but use their units.

2. SEO is evil

Remember these synonyms! Only fallen webmasters who pump money out of the site owner are engaged in SEO. Seoshniki will burn in hell. Real businessmen do not deal with this dirt. Buy display ads on major news portals. And no social networks is a baseness to which a reputable website should not fall.

3. Usability doesn’t matter to anyone.

It was invented by Artemy Lebedev in order to do the work longer, and to take more expensive for it. Do not overpay! Make out the text with a solid canvas, and be sure to hide the prices away. Whoever needs it will find your contacts and ask.

4. Range of minimum

1-2 goods - and that's enough. The rest is on request. Or add it as a downloadable pdf file. Do not spend money on extra functionality.

5. Set maximum prices.

Want to earn? Then feel free to. If a visitor sees that your product is more expensive - he will understand that you have better quality and service.

6. Take the cheapest content.

If this is the text on “apartment renovation”, it means that in each proposal there should be “apartment renovation”. So the client will mature faster and order the service from you.

7. Remove feedback.

Do you need these calls? From the feedback, leave only icq and email. Telephony is too expensive, and interactive forms, such as , only distract visitors.

8. Buy courses from the marketing guru at “Fold”

This is a storehouse of useful information for a penny! To assess the level of experts, just look at the interview below with one of the marketing gurus. It does not use targeting at all. And it is catching up on millions of visitors to home construction sites. See for yourself how he does it.

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