Russian Post plans to spend up to 6 billion on the services of an external data center

    The state-owned enterprise Russian Post plans to spend about 6 billion rubles in the next three years on the rental of computer facilities. Now the company needs services for the storage and processing of large amounts of data, this is required to develop its own IT projects, as well as to maintain the operation of the GIS housing and communal services system.

    An open tender will be announced to search for a contractor, with the winner receiving payments every month, Russian Post will not pay the full amount of the lease at once, Vedomosti reports . For the first year, the state-owned enterprise plans to use about 0.5 petabytes in 10 server racks. Over time, the company will increase volumes to 2 petabytes in 40 racks.

    The state-owned enterprise is going to place in the systems of the leased data center not only the GIS housing and communal services, but also the software responsible for logistics management. This, in turn, will allow Russian Post to optimize delivery routes, automate sorting, and track delivery at the so-called “last mile”. It is unprofitable to build your own Russian Post data center, since the initial investment will be large, but there is not much data in the enterprise’s IT systems. Therefore, capacity rental is the best solution at the moment.

    According to Tagir Yapparov, the head of Aichi, investment in a data center pays off in at least five years, in theory. In practice, this period is longer. Therefore, Russian Post is really more profitable to rent a data center, rather than build it. This is also true because loans have risen significantly in price over the past year, so operating costs for renting DCs are now more profitable than capital costs for building a data center.

    According to iKS-Consulting, last year the market of commercial data centers in Russia amounted to 25,500 racks. At the same time, the company expects an increase in the number of racks by 2018 to 48300.

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