Yandex launches Travel

    The Yandex company in its own blog announces the launch of a new service called Yandex.Travel .

    The service is an aggregator of tours in which the search is carried out on the basis of tour packages and the availability of offers for the user, in contrast to services that allow you to choose individual options for accommodation or flight.

    RBC announces 14 tour operators who have agreed to partner with Yandex: TezTour, Pegast, AnexTour, Biblio-Globus, ICS Travel, Inna-Tour, Intravel Stoleshniki, Sunrise Tour, TUI, Natalie Tours, Pax, Russian Express, Intourist, Brisco

    The commission for the purchase of the tour will be charged by the search engine exactly from the tour operator whose tour was purchased by the user. The purchase will be carried out either on the website of a particular tour operator company, or in the office with a personal presence.

    Yandex notes that the service was created in response to the users' need for package tours. Only in February 2015, a request for a tour. permits filed 3.5 million search engine users.

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