Moscow government plans to launch its own online road congestion map

    Moscow authorities plan to launch an online map of traffic jams in late summer 2015. The map will be placed on a single transport portal of the city. Currently, only Yandex.Traffic service is available here. The Internet newspaper Newsru reports that a section of complaints and appeals is already working on a single transport site.

    It is also known that a traffic jam map will be created taking into account data from 11 thousand road sensors, as well as statistics on the movement of mobile subscribers. Yandex.Traffic is likely to continue working on a single transport portal even after the start of the government service. It is worth noting that the developers plan to add the function of traffic jam forecasting for an hour ahead, with the broadcasting of forecasts through information road signs. Currently, 144 road monitors are already located in the capital.

    Deputy Head of the Department of Transport Alina Bisembaeva believes that the Moscow authorities have a slightly different approach to forecasting and modeling traffic jams than Yandex. “According to our plans, the card should appear by the end of summer. She is in development now. We have a slightly different approach to forecasting and modeling than Yandex. It is also based on data from cameras that are installed in large numbers on the roads, ”Bisembaeva said. And there are technical opportunities for the implementation of such plans: a new project will collect data from 2.5 thousand surveillance cameras and about 2 thousand surveillance cameras.

    According to the deputy head of the Department of Transport Telematics of the Moscow Automobile and Highway Institute (MADI) Sultan Zhankaziev, video detectors installed on the road section above each of the lanes are capable of measuring various parameters of the traffic flow. This is the length, density of the queue of cars, types of cars, traffic intensity. Sultan Zhankaziev believes that the traffic congestion service should not only reflect the current situation, but also model the road difficulties of an unpredictable harkter. “For example, the passage of utility vehicles. Most often, for the driver, their “echelon” on the road is a surprise. Dispatching services that are responsible for watering the roads should transmit data about future detours to the online service, ”commented Zhankaziev.

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