Yandex.Market will allow you to make purchases in foreign online stores

    According to Kommersant, from March 30, the Yandex.Market trading platform launches the service of searching for goods in foreign online stores. So far, it is planned to do this for three sections: “Baby Products”, “Wardrobe” and “Cosmetics and Perfumes”. To provide results on foreign online stores, a special category will be highlighted in which prices in rubles are indicated, shipping costs and a link to the corresponding product on the store website.

    Yandex.Market works only with stores that provide delivery services to Russia, accept payments from Russian users by card, transfer or electronic money. In addition, the foreign website of the online store must support the Russian-language interface.

    Today Yandex.Market cooperates with more than 10 stores from the USA, Great Britain, China, Italy and Germany, such as,,,, The assortment of these stores reaches several hundred thousand goods.

    “We will expand the range, we are thinking of adding the category of small electronics and gadgets: the demand for them is growing,” says the representative of Yandex, Asya Melkumova.

    “According to our study with GfK, Russian online shoppers are increasingly using the services of foreign stores: often there is more choice, lower prices and higher quality goods,” explains Pavel Aleshin, head of Yandex.Market.

    “There are many good online stores that have already established direct deliveries to Russia, made payments from Russia, but they are not known to a wide audience,” Melkumova explains.

    According to TNS Russia, Yandex.Market is the largest aggregator of goods in Russia. About 16 thousand sellers are connected to it, the monthly number of users exceeds 21.5 million people. Yandex.Market includes information on 70 million offers in more than 150 categories. Reported a

    week agothat, according to the calculations of the Association of Internet Commerce Companies (AKIT) for 2014, the number of orders placed by Russians in foreign online stores increased by 115% (to 80 million units) with an average check of $ 25- $ 150. The volume of the Russian online trading market reached 713 billion rubles, which is a third more than in 2013 (544 billion rubles).

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