IIDF introduced 11 startups to Vladimir Putin

    Today, a meeting was held between the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and 11 Internet entrepreneurs whose projects were supported by the IIDF sowing fund.

    The President thanked all those present and noted that "IIDF is the most active and successful in Europe among those engaged in the so-called sowing activities."

    In addition to brief pitches (5-10 minutes) of each of the founders of the services presented, several more statements were made:

    • IIDF talked about the results of its work and partnerships with strategic investors (InterRAO, Rostelecom, Yota, Rambler, EMERCOM), as well as priority areas of investment.
    • The topic of Iran (Internet Development Institute), initiated by German Klimenko, was personally approved by the President of Russia.
      Klimenko announced the need to launch a presidential program to develop the Russian segment of the Internet, to which Vladimir Putin answered the following: “Prepare the proposals, we will ask the administration and the government, we will discuss it. And we will try to formulate and take the necessary decisions for your support with your participation ”
    • Rinat Aisin, the representative of the startup Search for Buildings from Surgut, Vladimir Putin advised “to meet and talk” with the director general of Surgutneftegaz Vladimir Bogdanov, “a rich man.”

    The following projects were presented to Vladimir Putin:
    1. Search for construction projects - providing information on construction projects implemented at the expense of the state throughout Russia.
    2. Turbazar - a project for the development of local tourism with a base of small places for recreation.
    3. All Russian tow trucks are a software platform for receiving assistance on the roads of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.
    4. There is a project for migrant workers. Social network with the search for vacancies and legal services.
    5. Oppty - solutions to piracy by blocking access to sources of pirated content with the replacement of links to legal sites with the same content.
    6. TakeBus is a mobile application for the sale of tickets for intercity buses.
    7. Rentmania is a project for letting and renting any movable property.
    8. GetNewCar.ru - search for quality used cars.
    9. Forecast NOW is a warehouse management system for automating orders.
    10. Teslawatch - a bracelet with the functions of a fitness tracker and health tracking.
    11. Unim Histology - oncological diagnostics for residents of Russia and countries of the customs union based on cloud technologies. The system is used by doctors from Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Germany and Norway.

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