Unauthorized autobiography of Julian Assange is published in Russian


    The publication of the book in Russian is scheduled for September 11, 2012.
    This is a joint project of Alpina Business Books and Mann, Ivanov and Ferber publishers.

    The biography was written by Andrew O'Hagan based on a series of interviews with Assange. After 50 hours of working together and the appearance of a draft version of the book, the founder of Wikileaks accused the publisher of violating the terms of the contract and stated that he intends to terminate the agreement. Julian decided that the text of the forthcoming book could provide an additional reason for the US prosecutor’s office - to demand the extradition of Assange to the authorities of the United States - and tried to terminate the contract with the publisher Canongate Books, but to no avail ...

    According to publishers, Assange received 1.6 (according to other versions 1.5) million dollars as a fee for an autobiography. But Julian had to spend this money on legal costs, and he could not return the fee. Therefore, the contract, signed on December 20, 2010, the publisher decided not to terminate.
    As a result, Canongate Books published the same “draft” version of the book, which was published with the title “Julian Assange: The Unauthorized Autobiography”.
    We do not agree with the rating he gave the book. In it, in our opinion, Julian is revealed as a person who is absolutely faithful to the truth, and this clarifies much in his work. He repeatedly expressed the wish that the book be well written. We share this opinion and consider the book quite worthy of our readers.
    - stated the publisher in the foreword

    Assange statement posted on WikiLeaks: Statement on the Unauthorised, Secret Publishing of the Julian Assange “autobiography” by Canongate

    On the page of Mann, Ivanov and Ferber Publishing House you can read the annotation and also download:
    Table of Contents (in PDF format)
    From a British publisher (in PDF format)
    Chapter 1. Solitary confinement (in PDF format)
    Chapter 2. Magnetic Island (in format PDF)

    An article on Lenta.ru is also devoted to this news: The story of a big leak with a fragment from the book.

    I read laid out in free access.
    The first chapter recalled the “prison” texts of Limonov. The second is “My family and other animals” by Gerald Darrell. Entertaining reading. I think I would have swallowed the whole book in the evening. The advantages of the original text I can not appreciate, but the translation does not cause cognitive burrs.

    From what I wanted to quote:
    I was drawn to books all the time. Books and magnets. My grandfather remembers how I came to summer school with a bag full of books, among which lay a thick biography of Albert Einstein. Because of this tendency, I could be hated, but what to do with the habit of thinking? She is either there or she is not.

    Interestingly, the date of September 11 is a hint? ..

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