Julian Assange will lead the show on the Russian state channel

    The television project of the WikiLeaks founder, entitled “The World Tomorrow”, will be aired on the Russia Today channel, broadcasting in foreign languages, as the editor-in-chief of the channel Margarita Simonyan said on her Twitter :


    “Today's world is extremely unstable. The planet is shaking. Both literally and figuratively: revolutions in the Middle East, strikes in Europe, tsunamis and earthquakes all over the Earth. The Western legislative system is bursting at the seams. The TV will soon become history. The Internet, where at least there is no censorship, will be the main and most likely the only source of information for people. We will talk about the most pressing topics, ”Assange commented on his new work.

    The broadcast of the show will begin in mid-March, and filming will take place from the home of the founder of WikiLeaks in the UK, where he is under house arrest. A total of ten programs are planned consisting of interviews. Assange will be visited by politicians, representatives of the non-systemic opposition and all those who, from his point of view, will form the agenda of tomorrow.

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