Amazon no longer provides hosting services to Wikileaks

    In other words, the Amazon management simply refused Wikileaks hosting, as this resource violates US law. Earlier, a question was repeatedly asked at Habré - why the US government will not influence Amazon, so that this company stops supporting Wikileaks. Well, here's the answer - the US government has banned Amazon from working with this project. This decision was influenced by Senator Joe Lieberman, who pointed out to Amazon leadership a direct violation of US law as a result of support for Wikileaks. In addition, Lieberman legally prohibited any hosting services within the United States from supporting this project.

    Today on Habré news appeared that Wikileaks is under DDOS attackat 10 Gb / s, and Amazon's servers helped the resource cope with this load. However, Wikileaks is now working with the former hosting service, the Swedish company Bahnhof AB. The latter is a rather large hosting service, which, however, is far from Amazon with its cloud services.

    At the time of writing the news, Wikileaks was opening normally, which may indicate either that the attack was stopped, or that Bahnhof AB is also able to cope with DDOS, and not bad.

    There is an interesting point here, which indicates that the Swedes will still not be able to cope with a serious attack by hackers. According to Essange, just before the publication of the last batch of documents, diplomatic correspondence, a serious hacker attack was carried out on the site, with which the Swedish service could not cope. After that, Wikileaks migrated to Amazon Web Services, where, as you know, you can deal with almost any DDOS attack. But now Wikileaks has been denied hosting in the United States, so you can expect interruptions in the resource due to constant attacks, which, as you might expect, will be carried out by both private individuals and special services - opponents of Wikileaks. Let me remind you that the same US lawmakers have repeatedly called Wikileaks "No. 1 terrorist organization in the world."

    In general, Essence and its resource are now in a very difficult period. That’s the essence of Essence, they’ll put him, because Interpol has already put him on the wanted list. First, Essenju was promised asylum by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, whose decision was rejected by the president of this country, saying that the decision was not agreed with him, the president (I think Ecuador does not really want to incur US anger). And the project, without serious technical support, will be more or less easy to “kill”, which the US will be able to handle very effectively.

    In general, we look forward to further developments.

    Via Yahoo

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