Russian blog - meaningless and merciless

    In startup circles, such an idea is popular - “why come up with something, if there is a lot of what has already been invented and implemented in the West, but we don’t have it yet.” There you can see which projects are successful, and then transfer the idea to us.

    Let's try to do the same with the blogosphere. Let's see what is popular in the West, and what is ours.

    We are the ruler of the thoughts of all ambitious bloggers is Top.Yandex . In America, Technorati plays roughly the same role . Let's compare top blogs on the versions of these two systems.

    Topics Top 10 Technorati Blogs

    The top ten blogs are purely niche projects. Half of the blogs on politics, the second half is devoted to one degree or another to gadgets and technology.

    Topics of Yandex 10

    The specifics of the Russian blogosphere are obvious, 80% are the personal diaries of their creators, in which they write mainly in the format “I see, that and I sing”.

    Of course, with some specifics, Radulova mainly writes about the stars, from Fritz Morgen the hobbyhorse is metasatanism, the Other generally has a photoblog.

    But this is rather a highlight, to the niche, in the understanding of the Western blogosphere, they are far away.

    Have you ever seen a photo of a sleeping cat in a glossy magazine, simply because it seemed cute to the editor-in-chief?

    I do not want to say that it is bad or not professional. Russian bloggers write no worse, and maybe even better, than their American counterparts.

    In the print media there are columns of famous people, so they can write almost what they want. Our top bloggers are more likely to be such columnists, while the top 10 in America are already the media themselves.

    There are many more differences between the niche and the western blogospheres: hosting, domains, ways to earn money, popular topics, blog engines.

    About them in the sequel, if you will be interested.

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