10 steps to add a site to Yandex.News and Google News

    Yandex.News and Google News are the largest news aggregators in Russia. So, according to TNS Russia in June 2009, Yandex.News was visited by just over 1.1 million people a day. Imagine what traffic to the site can give this kind of system. And unlike, for example, News2 and Smi2, news gets there automatically. Moreover, for Google News you don’t need to do anything at all - the main thing is that your site is indexed by Google. For Yandex, you need to make a full-text feed with some subtleties.

    How to get to this Mecca, to this Eldorado webmaster world?

    Of course, to begin with, your site should be a good, interesting project. And, of course, that there should be news on the subject within which he works. And now a couple of revelations.

    The first and most important revelation is that you do not need to have any legal form to get into these systems. No need to be registered media, no need to be a legal entity.

    The second revelation - getting into Yandex.News involves signing some papers and sending them by mail and fax (to speed up the connection). Moreover, the papers must be signed by the one in whose name the domain on which the site is located is registered.

    Step 1

    We check the compliance of the site with technical requirements. Each news should have a unique URL, each news should have a separate page, which should be on the first screen.

    Yandex.News needs a separate full-text RSS feed. You will receive technical requirements for it in the 8th step along with the rest of the documents. By the way, advertising, press releases, announcements of upcoming events and news of the site itself should not fall into this stream.

    Google News has an interesting requirement - in the news URL there must be a number unique to the news with a digit capacity greater than 3, which is not the year the news was published :)

    Step 2

    We hire journalists who write news to us. Exactly. Do not import from RSS, do not copy from a neighboring site. They write. Interesting, unique, competent and professional.

    Step 3

    We make journalists write regularly. Better every day or every weekday. As they say, constancy is a sign of mastery.

    Step 4

    We make journalists write often. Once a week - does not roll. Once a day, too. News should appear on your site several times a day.

    Step 5

    We are preparing the page “About the site”, on which we indicate the head of the site (project), the person responsible for the editing and names of journalists.

    Step 6

    We are preparing the “Contacts” page, on which we indicate the contact address and telephone number. Yes. Address and telephone. And the real ones, and not +7 (495) 777-55-33.

    Step 7

    We write a letter to Yandex (info [at] news.yandex.ru) asking to connect the site to the News.

    We offer Google our news .

    Step 8

    We receive instructions from Yandex.News describing further actions. We carry them out. We sign and send all the necessary papers. We are writing a letter with the address of the full-text RSS feed.

    We receive a letter from Googlebot asking us to confirm that the site meets all of the above requirements - we respond to it that it is.

    Step 9

    We receive a letter from Yandex that the feed has been checked and connected.

    We receive a letter from Google that the site has been added to the news.

    Step 10

    We enjoy life and traffic.

    Post scriptum

    Be aware that Google remembers reviewing a previous application to include your site in News. Therefore, before re-submitting, establish all the reasons why you weren’t taken to Google News the previous time.

    Each step is written on the basis of their own experience adding a site avtobeginner.ru in these news aggregators.

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    UPD2 You
    can also add your own news to Rambler.News - a full-text feed is optional, but desirable. The traffic gives a decent one.

    And in Novotek - you need a full-text feed, the traffic is so-so.


    And The Liveinternet News. A full-text feed is required. It rarely shoots, but the traffic is noticeable.

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