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    Once I thought that they were fired for blogs only abroad, among advanced bourgeoisie, but most recently I had to deal with this myself. And where? You will not believe. The fact itself: “gene. the director "asked" to write a statement because of the blog entry "is quite trivial and does not surprise anyone (on the hub) for sure, another thing is surprising: where it happened. In a city with a population of thirty thousand people, hundreds of kilometers from civilization "inside the Moscow Ring Road + Peter" (the answer to the question: is there life there). This, I think, will surprise even the hawkers. Now in more detail:

    As I already said, our city is small, in terms of communications it is backward to impossibility (we are still getting down from the dial-up) and I worked at one of the local enterprises (as city-forming people like to say here). The post was called "Head of IT." In practice: admin (I), programmer, technician and telephone operator (and I was the youngest Sami in age, so there wasn’t even any discussion of bosses). Worked for two years and eight months. I’m used to everything already (what is it, how do you think to work at the factory, where 75% of the staff is over 45). He was friends with many. There really was a rather narrow circle around the reception and the directorate, somehow it didn’t work out with them.

    So, the day came the machine builder. I come home, I see our local newspaper on the table, in it there is an article about our “wonderful” factory, how everyone works well there, how everything develops dynamically, in short I called all this “caramel snot”. Without thinking twice, I sat down at the computer, scanned an article, opened our local forum, inserted it there and made several comments in places that I did not like (in green, so that they would not be confused with the original). If the comments ask for the text of the article, I’ll give a link without any problems. Well, in the blog duplicated.

    The next day (just a coincidence) got sick and took sick leave (a terrible word). After a week I go to work, everyone is looking askance at me, even the guards at the entrance. After lunch, they call to the CEO (he himself could not call already, that's how angry he was). He says, write a statement, you can’t cope with your duties. I was surprised, of course, but I did not particularly ask (they paid little anyway). OK, I’ll write. I go out, in the reception room everyone is staring at me. I ask the guys from the department what is the matter. And they give me a photocopied listing of the text of the article with my comments. Like, I read the whole plant, even in the workshops. Everyone, they say, really liked it. But, as it turned out, not everyone.

    I still consider this a great injustice. Maybe this is normal, but then I don’t understand what kind of freedoms they are talking about. And the very fact that this happened 500 km from Moscow in the village practically also leads to sad thoughts. Interesting opinion of harazhitel in this occasion. If someone wants to see the text of the article itself, write in the comments, I will put a link. Well, or if you need to call everything by their proper names: the city, enterprises, people, themselves - this is also not a problem, but whether it is necessary. God forbid, think that advertising.

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