In Soviet Russia ... Apple failed to register trademark for iPad in Rospatent

Apparently, patent wars and the withdrawal of devices from sale through the court of Russia will not affect.
Rospatent published a conclusion in which it rejected Apple’s objection to the previous decision to refuse to register the trademark, only now the point has been set in the case.

The main argument of Rospatent: Apple's wording for its device
is a schematic representation of the goods claimed for registration as a trademark for the designation of these goods, and does not have a distinctive ability.

Moreover, Rospatent also noted the fact that most devices on the Russian market today from other manufacturers in this category (tablet computers) have a similar appearance and form factor, and such original elements as buttons or a joystick on the front panel do not change the perception devices in general and do not have a distinctive function
Apple's argument that during the social. Surveys of consumers distinguished devices from Cupertino from others, the expert commission rejected the fact that they found the wording of the question incorrect.
during the sociological survey, tools were used that deliberately formed the opinion of the respondents. So, question 6 is formulated as follows: “Please tell me, do you associate this image with Apple products such as iPad, iPhone, iPod?”

The full text of the conclusion of the expert commission can be found here

P.S. You can be glad for our robust patent system, which is not kept in difference in one letter or in one insignificant little thing, and the viewer is in the essence of the application

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