Vkontakte and other Russian media companies are preparing for an IPO

    Vkontakte, despite the gloomy forecasts of economists about the next wave of the crisis, is preparing to go public IPO this or next year. This was told by Pavel Durov in an interview with the newspaper Gazeta.ru.

    In addition to talking about IPOs, we talked about relations with copyrights, attendance and social income. network, as well as the relationship of its owner with Russian officials. I advise you to read , in general.

    Before the initial public offering on the stock exchange, a third party can sell about 3% of Vkontakte shares to increase capitalization. But buyers, according to Pavel, will not be either Mail.ru Group, nor Yandex, or Google.

    When Mail.ru Group increased its stake in Vkontakte shares, the latter was valued at $ 1.5 billion. So the prospects for the social network are good.

    According to Anton Nosik, “An IPO is a fate for a company like Vkontakte.” “The company will place its shares on the NASDAQ exchange, after which its founders, owners and employees will become billionaires and millionaires,” he said. As Nosik hinted, “SUP also has all the prerequisites for this,” but its IPO “will not take place today.” And given the company's estimated value of $ 100 million, it is likely that the IPO will take place not tomorrow.

    By the way, recently Holding "National Media Group"posted on the HeadHunter website the position of Chief Specialist in IFRS. Despite the fact that there are no applications from them yet, the availability of international reporting is one of the conditions for placing shares on international platforms. Experts estimated the cost of NMG at 1 billion euros, when the Luxembourg media holding RTL Group revealed some details of the transaction to purchase a package of its shares.

    So far, of all the Russian media companies, IPOs have been conducted only by Mail.ru Group, Yandex and STS.

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