Russian bloggers throw diaries and go to social networks

    Yandex has published another study, “The Russian Internet Blogosphere” ( PDF ), based on the latest statistics on its services. In this study, a sad fact is noted: for the first time since the measurement since the fall of 2006, the proportion of active bloggers has decreased.

    If in November 2007 about a third of the authors wrote in their diaries at least once every three months, now only one fifth write it. On such hosting sites as and Rambler Planet (more than 150 thousand diaries each), the share of active blogs was only 3% and 8%, respectively. In fact, now these are two large cemeteries. The situation in Livejournal and other hosting services is slightly better.

    Negativity even manifests itself in Novosibirsk, where, according to statistics, the most active Russian bloggers live.

    There are even fewer truly active authors — those who update diaries at least once during the week. Even in the most “live” blog hosting LiveJournal, this figure is only 12%.

    In addition, in some large blog hosting sites, despite the increase in the total number of blogs, the absolute number of active bloggers decreased (for example, in the fall of 2007 there were about 170 thousand active blogs on LiveInternet, and now about 160 thousand, on LiveJournal there were more than 240 thousand active blogs, now - less than 230 thousand). It can be assumed that many bloggers now prefer to write and communicate not on blogs, but on social networks.

    Despite the extinction of the audience, blog hosting continues to multiply. In total, Yandex Blog Search now knows 82 blog hosting sites - almost two and a half times more than last year. The diagram shows the number of hosting sites containing at least 200 blogs.

    However, more than 75% of all Russian-language diaries are still located on only four hosting sites.

    The activity of bloggers by time of day completely coincides with the activity of Habrahabr users. It increases by the end of the working day, and then goes to the second (maximum) peak in the region of 22.00.

    The average blogger is still a girl of 22 years old, lives in Moscow. Her blog has been around for a year and nine months, and she updates it every five days. She has 19 friends, and 10 people comment on her diary entries.

    Since registering her average diary, a girl blogger wrote 38 posts in it, each of which received 2 comments. In addition, she wrote 98 comments - on her or someone else's posts.

    The average male blogger wrote 37 posts, moreover, they turned out to be somewhat more popular than women - 3 comments received per post. He himself left 133 comments. On average, men comment much more than women.

    The activity of bloggers grows with age. Most of the entries - an average of about 130 - contain blogs by authors aged 45 to 54 years. The same authors lead in the number of written and received comments.

    The largest age group - from 18 to 24 years old - obviously creates the most posts (about 40%). More often older people comment. Despite the fact that bloggers between the ages of 25 and 34 are half that number, 40% of the comments on the blogs are left by them.

    The activity of bloggers on average becomes significantly higher a year and a half after the creation of the diary. The number of entries sharply increases, and even more - the number of written and received comments. On average, during the first year and a half, bloggers comment on half as much as in the next year and a half, and receive three times less comments. This is not surprising - over time, regular readers and commentators appear, as well as new social connections. Thus, adaptation in the blogosphere takes about a year and a half. The peak of blog activity occurs in 2.5-3 years after registering an account.

    The largest number of posts falls on the diary of a resident of Novosibirsk. And in terms of the number of comments per diary, Novosibirsk is second only to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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