opened with a search from Yandex

    The company "Soup" today introduced a beta version of the project . This is a reference and navigation service, which should help to “cover LJ with one glance”, to show which bloggers' posts are of the greatest interest. The sections structure includes “Plots”, “Photos”, “Celebrities”, “Communities” and “Ratings”.

    The search service for was provided by Yandex - it is looking for both LJ resources and the entire Runet. The plans are to start a search by comments and a personal search that allows you to search for non-public entries and responses in your journal.

    The search results on broadcast Yandex.Direct advertising. The proceeds from the placement of Yandex and Soup ads will be divided among themselves. The partnership agreement that the companies signed is valid at least until the service earns the first million dollars on Yandex.Direct contextual advertising.

    Another partner is the Kommersant Publishing House site . Kommersant forums are integrated with the new Soup service, and only registered users will be able to leave comments on them.

    “We ask readers who have not previously used LiveJournal services to treat the innovation with understanding,” it was informed"B". “Registration in the new system for you will not take much time, and this will need to be done only once.”

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