Blog Review # 23

    The week before last, the whole country was not up to blogs. The whole country clung to the television screens in a single rush and watched Eurovision spellbound. Our smart girl, the police ensign Polinochka Smolova, in spite of the enemies, did not take the last place. We overtook the hairdresser from Andorra and took the penultimate! Hurrah! Although, I do not quite understand why not singers, but ensigns and hairdressers go to the song contest, but, nevertheless, I am very glad even to the last but one place. In connection with all this catastrophe, I took the responsibility to reject the review in the last issue of my favorite newspaper. But this issue of “KV” still flaunts another review. It is difficult to refuse the editor when he spews fire, and in his hands a slingshot flickers with an unclear threat. Against the background, of course, the song “Would You Love A Monsterman?” By Finnish entertainers Lordi sounds.

    At first, as is usual in all major publications, the news.

    Last week, a millionth entry was made in the blogs, about which the mail giant joyfully informed everyone.

    And one of the largest news agencies Associated Press announced that now all the original materials of this agency will be provided with links to blogs. Links will not be set by slaves, but by the miracle of the Internet of thought of the Technorati service .

    And in glorious America, bloggers were officially equated with journalists through the courts. Apple, suing bloggers who talked about their new products before the company officially announced them, and demanded to open a source of information leakage, lost. By court order, bloggers have the same non-disclosure rights as journalists. I dug up this information on the blog .

    The good news is for anyone who wants to make money with blogs. The American analytical company PQ Media has prepared a report that states that over the next five years the market for advertising in blogs, podcasts and other "social media" will double annually. By 2010, it will grow from the current $ 20.4 million to $ 757 million. I propose starting to prepare piggy banks.

    15-30% of posts in online diaries are devoted to consumer experiences of bloggers. These are the results of the first Russian study of the marketing potential of the blogosphere. Agency PR Technologies commissioned by SF conducted a study. We analyzed postings on Russian-language blogs made in February 2006. Since there are no specialized systems in Runet that study blog content, the Yandex search engine was used for research. This study demonstrates the importance of authoritative blogs for people who are going to buy something.

    BBC Corporation was tired of envious of and decided to launch its blog service. According to the Guardian, now the BBC sites will contain information that users will post, including blogs and home videos. In fact, the Internet resources of the BBC will turn into a public analogue of the commercial service

    YouTube- A new service for instantly uploading photos and videos to blogs from mobile phones, which recently began its activities. According to the creators, with the help of YouTube, in just a few moments you can upload photos or videos captured to your blogs using a communicator’s camera or a cell phone. But we can only lick oneself, because the service is bourgeois. Although the trend is undoubtedly pleasing.

    Well, I shared the news with you, now it's time to go to blogs. However, again, today I will not traditionally talk about any blog and give a link. This time I prepared a digest of interesting articles about blogs, the blogosphere and blogging services.

    There are several specialized blog search engines. For example, I most often use Yandex. Blog Search"and Google Blog Search . It’s natural that they search in different ways and the results are mixed. How is it? What’s the matter? What kind of search engine have the creators built into their brainchild? I’ve been helped by an article by Evgenia Vlasova in her Paradigma blog .

    Sergei Gotsulyak asking the same question that some regular visitors the best online newspaper in the world: " Blogging - is it serious? "A red thread across the text is regretting that there are no good thematic blogs in the Russian blogosphere. Actually, I support him in this statement.

    On a small unofficial fan blog of the WordPress engine, I came across a wonderful article" A Brief History of Blogs"It turns out that it took less than ten years for the innocent fun of programmers and graphomaniacs to turn into a new type of media. Here is a quote from the first paragraph:" 1994. The beginning of a new era. Student Justin Hall first started keeping a diary on the Internet. Sometimes the creator of the first blog is called the famous programmer Dave Weiner (Dave Winer), but most researchers do not agree with this statement. They claim that Weiner's blog, Scripting News, was first widely known by Internet users . "The

    Ukrainian developer community not only maintains its own blog, but also publishes interesting notes in it. I want to draw your attention to" 10 Tips - How to Read Blogs Effectively". Yes, there is definitely a time when more than a hundred feeds are swimming in the aggregator with fatty fish, and reading them becomes not a pleasure but a torment. We optimize our life!

    This review can be considered complete. Read blogs! Write blogs!


    Published in Computer News (No. 22, 2006)

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