100,000 new blogs every day. Technorati publishes blogosphere statistics

    The most famous blog search service Technorati has published another report on the development of the blogosphere . This statistical report is entirely based on data processed by the service: at the moment, Technorati is “following” 59 million blogs.

    The number of blogs has almost tripled over the year: if in October 2005 their number slightly exceeded the 20 million mark, now the blogosphere has come close to the 60 million mark. Every 230 days, it doubles .

    Blogosphere statistics: an increase in the number of blogs

    Every day, 100,000 new blogs appear on the web. Compared to the summer of 2006, growth slowed somewhat: the record was set in June, when about 160,000 new blogs were registered every day. Technorati explains this decline not because of the weakening interest of users in this type of site, but because of their success in the fight against spammer blogs (or, as they are called, “splogs”): 70% of pings come from them, however, service representatives say that they learned to qualitatively cut off these pings before the blogs sending them get to the search index.

    55% of blogs are currently active (Technorati considers "diaries" to be updated at least once in the last 3 months). Blog authors write more than 54,000 posts per hour.

    Technorati notes the continued integration of traditional media and the blogosphere. The sites of major news agencies, newspapers, magazines, and TV are still far ahead of blogs in popularity. The New York Times , Yahoo! News and CNN . The most popular blog - Engadget - takes 15th place on this list, and Boing Boing - 29th; In total, 12 blogs were included in the Pinterest.

    Blogosphere statistics: Top100

    The report also notes some behavioral characteristics of bloggers: it is noted, for example, that the higher the credibility of a blog (which depends on the number of other blogs that link to it), the more often new posts appear in it.

    Blogosphere statistics: the frequency of new posts depending on the authority of the blog

    English and Japanese remain the most common in the blogosphere - 39% and 33%, respectively. Chinese bloggers rank third with 10%. Russian is in the Top10: approximately 2% of bloggers write it.

    Blogosphere statistics: blog languages

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