Premoderation of comments on a corporate blog

    In addition to the note on corporate blogs and comments on it, I give a link to one corporate blog. While working for this company, I got a lecture about corporate blogs, where it was explained with quite obvious examples that a corporate blogger should not depend on superiors. Consequently, he will not have to hush up the negative aspects, smooth out corners and write under dictation. Therefore, Internet users will trust the information on the blog. Consequently, the corporation will be closer to the consumer, including Naturally, on a corporate blog there should be no editing, hiding unwanted comments, censorship and everything else that could discredit the very idea of ​​blogging. In general, I was very surprised when I realized that the corporate blog of a company conducting such lectures under its wing is equipped with pre-moderated comments . I wrote something, and you see: "Your comment is awaiting verification."

    And someone else crying about the lack of democracy on dirty ?

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