Sources of new ideas for bloggers

    One of the common problems of blogging, which is as old as the world is a creative stupor, lack of new ideas. One fine day, you feel that the topic, which seemed to you inexhaustible, suddenly became small, like a puddle.
    What to write next?

    Using your RSS reader as a source of ideas is not the best option. The niche, as a rule, is narrow enough, and when everyone begins to develop the same idea, the topic simply overflows and "stalls" by itself.

    Shaking up, waking up creative forces is not so simple. Inspiration is a fragile and moody thing, and catching it is not so easy.

    First of all, it requires a certain mood and atmosphere from you. You feel that you cannot budge - look around, perhaps your ideas cannot catch up with you. After all, they require a special space for creativity .

    Many methods have been invented to stimulate creative thinking. For example, the most common creative stimulation technique is brainstorming. This is a fairly effective method based on the generation of many ideas in a short time, with their subsequent development. It easily adapts to a special brainstorming for a blogger . The only condition is to prevent common mistakes that negate the effectiveness of brainstorming.

    Despite the fact that we constantly feel a shortage of ideas, they are around us. It is only necessary to notice them, and most importantly - to fix. Another invention of creative stimulation will help you with this - the blogger’s ideas journal . Its use guarantees you fresh ideas, as well as long-term, promising ideas. Of course, provided that it works correctly: all the ideas that you fix need further development. For example, one of the most effective ways of processing thoughts is to multiply ideas .

    But it also happens that the brain is really overloaded. Not enough energy for either brainstorming or processing old ideas. There is serious stagnation, and drastic measures are needed. 10 ways to stimulate creative recovery will help to cleanse the brain and gain fresh strength.

    All these methods are quite productive, the main thing is to take them seriously. These recommendations have long been used by all the leading creative managers in the world, and this once again confirms the effectiveness of these methods.

    And here are the ready-made solutions: Super ideas for blog posts .

    I wish you all a successful search and embodiment of all ideas!


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